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At DY Partners, we approach diamond brokerage with a profound understanding of the diamond market, gemology, and rarity factors. Our seasoned diamond brokers leverage industry insights, market analysis, and a vast network to ensure your diamond transactions are seamless and your investments are cherished.

DY Partners has a vast global network of sellers and buyers of diamonds. Thanks to this vast network, DY Partners can arrange to find a seller or buyer nearby the client’s location. The types of diamonds which are offered are:   

  • GIA certified un-cut diamonds 

  • GIA certified cut and polished diamonds 

The yearly availability of these GIA certified diamonds is exceeding 5 million carat. 

DY Partners can also arrange access to the state-of-art high tech cutting facility to create the perfect diamond as per the client’s specification.  

Interested in buying or selling diamonds nearby at discounted rates? Please contact us and we will find you the perfect match.  

At any moment, DY Partners can provide you with an extensive list of available diamonds and their respective price range.  

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