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Artificial Grass

Ready to elevate your outdoor space with DY Artificial Grass? 

Transforming outdoor spaces into lush, vibrant landscapes is no longer a distant dream. With our Artificial Grass, residents and businesses across the UAE can now enjoy the beauty of greenery without the hassle of maintenance. As a leading distributor of premium synthetic turf, DY Partners  is dedicated to providing unparalleled quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal to every project.

DY Partners works with high quality Artificial Grass (FIFA Approved) Suppliers from Europe. Thanks to this vast network, DY Partners can arrange to find a seller or buyer nearby the client’s location. 

Why Choose DY Artificial Grass ?

Low Maitenance

  • Always a nice and well-maintained lawn

  • No more mowing, spraying, fertilizing and scarifying

  • Easy to clean

High Quality

  • Crafted using the finest materials, ensuring a natural look and feel that lasts for years.

  • UV resistant, no color changes due to sunlight

  • Stronger than real lawn

Environmental Friendly

  • Environmentally friendly because fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are unnecessary

  • Fewer pests and weeds

  • Ideal solution for hay fever patients


  • Plenty applications, from residential gardens to commercial landscapes.

  • Dirt doesn’t get carried into the house, pool or terrace

DY Artificial Grass Products

Interested in buying high quality of artificial grass at discounted rates? Please contact us and we will find you the perfect match.  

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