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At DY Partners, we approach coal brokerage with a profound understanding of the energy sector, market dynamics, and environmental considerations. Our experienced coal brokers leverage industry insights, market analysis, and a vast network to facilitate seamless trades that align with your operational needs and sustainability goals.

DY Partners has a vast global network of sellers and buyers of coal. Thanks to this vast network, DY Partners can arrange to find a seller or buyer nearby the client’s location. The types of coal which are offered are:   

Energy coal 6000 (NCV6000)

Energy coal calorific value 5000 (NCV6000)

These types of coal are readily available in large quantities within the network of DY Partners. If required, DY Partners also assists in finding the financing for your deal.  

Interested in buying or selling gold nearby at discounted rates? Please contact us and we will find you the perfect match.  

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